The Floating Hope Of the Winged Elephantine

"The Floating Hope of the Winged Elephantine", 2019, a stop motion animation from the series, "A Decadent World, Night" by artist Mara Trachtenberg. Original sound by Peter Scartabello, entitled Loxodonta.

The animation features winged elephants from Trachtenberg's photographs of an imaginary world and is based on the Myth of Sysiphus. The winged elephants raise the orb into the air only to have it fall down, again and again. The animation contemplates the frustration and beauty of the creative process. Coupled with the haunting and psychedelic sounds of Scartbello's Loxodonta, the piece becomes a visual and auditory litany of continuous perseverance.

For more of Trachtenberg's work visit her website at http://www.maratrachtenberg.com For more of Scartabello's work visit his website at http://peterscartabello.com

The Futility of Flight

The Futility of Flight is stop motion animation from the series, A Decadent World Night. In this piece a winged creature emerges from its cocoon and attempts to take flight. 


A stop Motion Animation from my series, "A Decadent World, Night". "Consummation of a Winged Thing" is a turn of the century conservationist/hunter's view of an imaginary winged creature growing its feather's. Inspired by feminist science fiction, I imagine a turn of the century conservationist/hunter visiting A Decadent World, a world created from my imagination. Working from the history of trophy hunting, photo safari's etc. the work explores the construction of power as seen in the hunter (human) vs hunted (animal) relationship, the photographer and the subject and touches on ideas about the objectification of animals in the self/other and animal/human relationships.

Original sound by Peter Scartabello.